Vic Walton Award


Guidelines for the Award of the Vic Walton Trophy

  •  To be presented annually to the FTSA Flight Tester of the Year.
  • To be presented to either:
    • an Australian citizen, or
    • an individual or team conducting a specifically Australian Flight Test Program (which may or may not be conducted in Australia).
  • A recipient must be either a member or be eligible to be a member.
  • The activity for which the award is to be made should be completed or majority completed within the year of award.
  • When awarded to a Test ‘Team’, only significant members of the team are to be included in the award and are to be specifically named. All named members are to receive a reproduction miniature trophy. The nominator is to identify the significant person(s) involved.
  • The nomination must be made in writing (this includes e-mail) to the Committee.
  • Selection is to be made by a majority of the Committee.
  • A member of the Committee may be eligible to receive the award but must not be involved in the selection process.
  • The Committee may elect to not award the trophy if they believe no suitable candidate exists for that year.

NOTE: If any compliance with the guidelines is in doubt, the Committee is to seek clarification from the nominating party.

Innovation Award

Charter For An FTSA Sponsored Award For Practical Innovation During A Course Of Tertiary Aerospace Study


Objective: To recognize and encourage a student that demonstrates exemplary practical innovation during a course of Aerospace study at an Australian tertiary institution.
Sponsor: Flight Test Society of Australia
Eligibility: Any final year student engaged in under-graduate study or any postgraduate (Masters or PhD) student preparing a thesis.
Title: Sir James Rowland Award
Criteria: The student has conceived and effectively applied a practical innovation in order to prosecute a flight test related project in a course of Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering study.
Submission: Submission to comprise:
  • A synopsis of the project - composition, objectives and analysis techniques, in particular the innovation applied,
  • Project execution, principle results and conclusions, and
  • If required a project presentation.
Award: Comprises a perpetual physical trophy annotated with the recipient’s name and title, to be retained at the tertiary Institution for one year, together with a personal miniature trophy and a small monetary reward to be applied by the recipient to further study. The recipient will be invited to present at the FTSA Symposium and funded for travel to and from the Symposium venue and accommodation for one night. Biannually, the Symposium is held in conjunction with the Australian International Airshow trade exhibition and the award will include entry to the Show.
Judging: Nominations can be made by student peers or academic staff to the Head of the Faculty by end of October each year. Award to be decided by a panel of three comprising one academic adviser and two FTSA Members.
Limitations: In the absence of a suitable nomination or if the concepts/processes fail the practical application objective or is not deemed sufficiently innovative the award will not be made that year.
Tenure: Annual


Shorty Award

FTSA "Shorty" Award for Most Popular Presentation


Nature of the Award

The award is made to the presenter at the annual symposium who provides the best presentation as judged by popular opinion. The award consists of:

  • Presentation of the perpetual trophy and keepsake;
  • Sponsorship to present at a related forum (SETP, SFTE, SESA etc.) as approved by the FTSA Committee*.

Criteria for the Award

Presenters should be judged on their overall ability to impart knowledge to their peers. The two key features enabling this are:

  • Good quality technical content of relevance to the membership, and
  • Presenting in an entertaining and informative manner.

Voting Guidance

*FTSA will contact the forum organiser to endorse inclusion of presentation. Attendance costs will be reimbursed by the Society up to a maximum value of $250. The winner should be deemed worthy of representing the Society at a professional forum