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Symposium 2018




5th & 6th June 2018





(SR06 is the small green square between building 32 and 30 on the attached map and is best accessed from Carpark 90)


  Tuesday 5th June
0930-1000 Arrivals, payments & morning tea
1000-1015 President's Welcome
1030-1115  MRH90 FRED/CRED Certification Trial - CAPT Jacob Merry (QTP) / CAPT Matt Chapman (FTE)
1115-1200 ARH Return to Flight Trial - MAJ Simon Collins (QTP)
1200-1230 T&E Training in Australia, Dr Keith and Claude Daniel
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1415 Live-virtual flight testing – why a pencil is all you need to change an engine, GPCAPT Young (AWC)
1415-1500 The Use of Modelling and Simulation to Enable Ship-Helicopter Flight Test - LEUT Viruben Watson (FTE)
1500-1545 Afternoon tea
1545-1630 Design of a Ram Air Intake for a Red Bull Race Plane - Siobhan Murphy (Monash University)

The Duxton
CNR Sargood and Macpherson St
O'Connor, ACT, Australia 2602

  Gust speaker will be
Colonel Pam Melroy (USAF Ret.),
test pilot and NASA Astronaut
  Wednesday 6th June
0900-1000 Fish Climbing Trees: You Want This Aircraft To Do What!?
Evaluating new aircraft for new roles, in training and for real - FLTLT Dawson Schuck (FTE)
1000-1045 Adapting UAV Control for Latency - Jeremy Cox (Sydney University)
1045-1100 Morning tea
1100-1130 CH-47F/HMAS Choules FOCFT - Kel Weatherstone / CAPT Shaun Brown (FTE)
1130-1145 A Look Back - Historical Flight Test - Mirage Testing - AVM (Retired) Richardson
1145-1230 UNSW-ADFA (TBC)
1230-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 Society AGM



Annual Symposium and Dinner

5th & 6th June 2018

University of NSW ADFA Campus, Canberra


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