Tuesday 23rd February
0830-0900 Register/Pay Patrick Bridge  
0900-0915 Admin Woody/Haack  
0915-1000 Wireless Instrumentation Jeremy J. Sequeira Aerospace Operational Support Group
1000-1045 CASA Challenges Mr Mark Skidmore AM CASA
1045-1100 Smoko    
1100-1200 Boom Automated AAR (A3R) Miguel Gasco Airbus
1200-1300 Automation and Human Factors Richard Woodward CoaX Helicopters
1300-1330 Lunch    
1330-1430 MRH90 "Taipan" Intro to Service Maj Peter Scullard Army Aviation T&E Section
1430-1530 Small UAV Flight Testing Kai Lehmkuehler School of Aerospace
1530-1545 Smoko    
1545-1630 School of Aerospace Tour KC Wong School of Aerospace
(FTSA Members)
1900-2330 Dinner   Adria Bar Restaurant, The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf
Guest Speaker Mr Keith Hartley (TFASA)
 Wednesday 24th February
0800-0815 Assemble
0815-0915 Hellfire 4 Control System Ross Paull DSTO
0915-1000 Bristell LSA Nose Wheel Yawing Moment Tim Hon King School of Aerospace
1000-1015 Smoko    
1015-1115 Laser Guided Rocket on Tiger Capt Isaac Leong Army Aviation T&E Section
1115-1215 Heavy Tilt Multirotor UAV Seppo Saario RF Design Pty Ltd
1215-1300 Lunch    
1300-1400 UAV Autonomous Flight Path Separation SqnLdr Chris Lowe SO2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems - AF HQ
1400-1430 Close - Shorty Award Richard Woodward President
1430-1500 Smoko    
1500-1600 School of Aerospace Tour KC Wong School of Aerospace
(Non Members)
1500-1600 AGM Richard Woodward President