24 February 2016

1. Mr Richard Woodward (President) acted as Chairman and with 24 Members present (a quorum) opened the meeting at 1410.


2. Mr Ian McIntire forwarded an apology.


3. Minutes of the previous AGM were summarised by the Secretary and accepted.

Presidents Report.

4. The President noted that the Society was now more established with an active Mailbox address courtesy Nova Systems and a very attractive and functional Website thanks to Mr John O’Halloran. The President moved a vote of thanks to formally acknowledge Mr O’Halloran’s commitment and effort. Carried

5. Some discussion followed regarding publication of papers presented at Society symposia in either the public section or in a secure section of the Website. Decision was deferred. Mr Tim Hon King offered to help establish a Society Chat forum to further promote Society objectives and activities through social media. Agreed

Action: Mr Tim Hon King to liaise with the Webmaster to create an online chat forum.

6. The President also noted that Professor K C Wong had arranged the venue for the 2016 Symposium at zero cost and that the Society had agreed to contribute $1000 to the Sydney University School of Aerospace in appreciation.

7. Discussion then moved to the concept of a regular contribution to the School of Aerospace in the form of an award for the Student that demonstrated “the most practical innovation during their course of study”. Membership generally agreed with the concept but felt the award should be offered to all Universities that participate in aeronautical studies. The Secretary noted that he had prepared a draft charter for the award for further refinement in consultation with Prof K C Wong and the President. Decision pending that discussion and contact with other Universities.

Action: President, Secretary and Prof Wong to refine the concept of an annual award to support an innovative student in the Aerospace domain.

8. The President observed that the Society needed to renew the nominated Patron and agreed to approach Mr Mark Skidmore to accept the role.

Action: The President to offer the role of Patron to Mr Skidmore.

Treasurers Report.

9. The Treasurer, Jacque Le Roux sent his apologies as he was in the US on a flight test trial with ARDU. On his behalf, the Membership Officer, Patrick Bridge presented the treasurer’s report. He reported that Society accounts had been audited and were in good order. The current financial state was presented, being:

Income for period 26 Feb 15 to 18 Feb 16

Membership $4,100
Symposium/dinner $4,830
Interest $ 550
Total $9,480

Expenditure for period 26 Feb 15 to 18 Feb 16

General $4,761
(of which, $3574 was for the symposium dinner)

Income less expenditure $4,719

Westpac account balance as at 18 Feb 16

Cheque/cash account $ 6,692.21
Term deposit $16,495.42
Total $23,187.63

10. He noted that the 2015 Symposium had been run at a loss but the 2016 Symposium managed a small surplus and Society finances were healthy. However, the annual audit cost was $1100.00, and he suggested that alternatives should be investigated to reduce that cost. One option presented was that the State of Incorporation could be moved to reduce the annual audit cost.

Action: Treasurer to investigate options to reduce the cost of an annual audit.

Membership Report.

11. The Membership Officer, Patrick Bridge, briefed that the Society currently had:

6 lifetime members
45 financial members
222 members in the database

12. The Membership Officer suggested an alignment of the Membership year with the Symposium as the bulk of Membership Dues were collected at the Symposium. Some discussion ensued re the merits of CY versus FY and the decision was deferred to the next Committee meeting.

Action: Committee to consider aligning the Membership year with the Symposium.

12. Mr Warren Canning proposed a motion to task the Committee to consider a Life Membership option. Carried

General Business.

12. CV Publication. The merits, or otherwise, of publishing individual Curriculum Vitae (CV) on the Society Website was discussed. General consensus was that currency and maintenance would be problematic and a link to a professional search site such as LinkedIn may be more effective. Secretary agreed to further explore that option with the Web Master.

Action: Secretary to explore the possibility of adding links within member’s profiles to professional vocation sites such as Linkedin.

13. Code of Conduct. Mr Lindsay Ward observed that the Society has an agreed Code of Conduct and suggested it should be published on the Website. Some discussion followed regarding location of the Code and Mr Ward indicated he had a copy that he would forward to the Secretary for insertion by the Web Master.

Action: Mr Ward to forward Code of Conduct to the Secretary for publication on the Website.

14. Next Symposium. The next Symposium is to be held at Avalon, Victoria as usual in conjunction with the Australian International Airshow. To promote the Symposium, and the Society, more widely, it was proposed to engage with Engineers Australia and the Royal Aeronautical Society and invite their participation as both Presenters and attendees and to seek agreement to advertise the Symposium on their Websites.

Action: President to invite Engineers Australia and Royal Aeronautical Society members to participate in our symposia and to seek support to advertise on their Websites.

15. Shorty Award. The Shorty Award for best presentation was awarded to Mr Jeremy Sequeira and Mr Warren Canning for their presentation on Wireless Instrumentation Saves Time in flight Test.

Election of Office Bearers.

16. All positions were declared vacant. Mr Scott Plumb self nominated for position of Treasurer and was seconded by Mr Guy Adams. The following nominees were elected to the Committee positions as indicated:

President – Mr Richard Woodward
Vice President – Mr Claude Daniels
Secretary – Mr Ron Haack
Treasurer – Mr Scott Plumb
Membership Officer – Mr Pat Bridge
Historical Officer – Mr Milt Cottee
Public Officer – Mr Guy Adams
General Member – Mr James Hagan


17. In closing Mr Woodward acknowledged the contribution of the Secretary and the Web Master to a successful Symposium. He advised that the position of Web Master would subsequently be formally incorporated in the Committee structure. He thanked all for their participation and attendance and closed the meeting at 1500.

R. B. Haack